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"Alan Paul Partners was founded because I wanted to create an executive search business that stood out from the rest and was able to make a difference to all those it came into contact with. Almost a decade in the executive search industry had taught me that, more often than not, there is a huge gap between what is promised and what is delivered to clients. And just as importantly, many of those who had dealings with search firms as candidates felt taken for granted, undervalued and abused. Alan Paul Partners aims to set a new benchmark in its service to clients and candidates alike.

I launched my career in executive search in 2001, after 28 years in the British Diplomatic Service, spent mainly in China and Hong Kong. I was relieved to find that some of the skills acquired in my first career were transferable, and even more pleased to discover that I was not too old to learn some new ones. That is an experience I have shared with many people who have come to me for career advice. We can only know what we are truly capable of by challenging ourselves and, at crucial times in our lives, taking a leap of faith.

It is sometimes said that recruiters feel most comfortable when they are able to put candidates into convenient pigeonholes. If this is true, then recruiters are letting down their clients and doing a disservice to their candidates. It is depressing to think that, rather than helping individuals and businesses to unlock their full potential, search firms are reinforcing the tendency to follow the safe, well trodden and predictable path.

I started Alan Paul Partners because I felt that there was room for a fresh approach to executive search, and because I knew that by making a positive impact, even in a small way, on the many people I come into contact with in my daily work, it really would be possible, cumulatively and over time, to make a difference.

We live in an imperfect world, and all of us must face disappointment, uncertainty and failure from time to time. But these experiences, if approached in the correct way, should never be regarded negatively, as long as the lessons are properly harnessed. In my professional relationships, I try to show that it is the fear, or denial, of failure which can be the biggest constraint on our ability to succeed in attaining our highest goals.

This, then, is my vision and mission: to help and guide clients and candidates to achieve the results they are capable of and the success they deserve.”

~ Alan Paul, Founder and Managing Director, Alan Paul Partners