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We serve a broad cross section of clients, including large and small companies, multinationals and local players. Unlike some of our larger competitors, we are able to offer a highly personalized service that is tailored to our clients’ needs.

We are strongest in senior level search, where we fully utilise our professionalism and long standing industry contacts. Specialist sectors include insurance and financial services; energy and infrastructure; medical and life sciences; and manufacturing and consumer goods. We have a track record of successful placements of leadership roles in general management, finance, sales and operations.

Our powerful research capacity means that we are also able to undertake specialist searches in niche areas that might not be accessible to most other executive search firms. Clients value this because it enables them to find candidates who might not otherwise be reached through other recruitment methods.

Talent Mapping and Research Services

We provide talent mapping services and research services for our clients. Talent mapping enables clients to take a strategic look at the external talent that is available in a particular market sector. They are able to integrate the results of this external talent scan with their pipeline of internal candidates, and thus to take better informed decisions about succession planning, organisational development and benchmarking.

Unlike traditional executive search, which tends to be carried out against pressing timelines, talent mapping is more strategic in nature. In addition to providing clients with a snapshot of the market, we can assist clients to cultivate relationships with external talent over a longer period, up to the point of recruitment.

We have the ability and the flexibility to offer other research services, tailored to our clients’ needs.

Candidate Evaluation

We utilise sophisticated assessment tools to provide objective and in-depth candidate evaluations for our clients. This can be integrated into the executive search and recruitment process, or offered as a separate ad hoc service. We advise on candidates’ suitability, not only from the point of view of technical competences, but in terms of their personality and ability to integrate into our clients’ organisation and corporate culture.


We conduct thorough background checks to confirm the candidate’s educational and professional qualifications. We check other important facts such as the candidate’s employment record and compensation package. We tap other sources of information to confirm our assessment of the candidate’s personal qualities, such as leadership and character. We will provide references about the candidate from relevant parties if necessary.


We can also assist with the negotiation of the compensation package and other conditions of employment. We may advise on structuring the offer, act as an intermediary between the client and candidate, and suggest tactics to encourage the candidate to accept the offer.